89 Parker Points (Vintage 2018)

This Riesling stems from the steep terraced vineyards of the Wachau and features pronounced mineral tones and an acidity that is full of character. The perfect pairing for rich dishes: elegant yet powerful.

Harvest 30. October 2019
Growth stainless steel tank
Analysis 13,5 vol.% ABV, 6,1 g/l residual sugar, 5,3 g/l acidity

Description Radiant yellow-green with reflections of gold. Aromas of ripe stonefruit and a hint of lime. A clear fruit with a fine texture, and a flavour characterised by tropical fruits. Mineral notes, lively with a pleasant acidity. A wine with lots of potential.    

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Altitude 213-396 meters
Hours of sunshine 2004 h
Soil Gföhler gneis

The Loibenberg is one of the steepest and barest primary rock sites in the Wachau. The bedrock of Gföhl gneiss, along with a few islands of loess are what set the tone. The sandy-stony soil supports water drainage, facilitating the growth of the roots. Due to the steep stone terraces, the soil is heated for much longer than with other vineyards, providing favourable conditions for the bud break of the vines in spring. The Loibenberg can only be cultivated by hand.