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NOMIS 2020

91 Parker points (Vintage 2018)

A powerful Grüner Veltliner fermented using selected, ripe grapes. Grown towards the east of the Loiben vineyards, this wine features a bouquet with fruity notes and is, to put it simply, an elegant Veltliner pleasure.

Harvest 12. October 2019
Growth stainless steel tank
Analysis 14,0 vol.% ABV, 2,4 g/l residual sugar, 5,5 g/l acidity 
Description Bright yellow-green, a hint of apricot, a slight reminiscence of tropical fruit and an inviting bouquet. A good body, hints of stone fruit and a fine acidity with a touch of honeydew melon in the aftertaste.



Altitude 203-225 metres
Hours of sunshine 2419 h
Soil gneiss and granite soil


The Ried Burgstall is one of the eastern Loiben vineyards. It refers to a rock terrace that towers around 30 metres over its surroundings. The name comes from a small medieval fortification that was built for defence purposes. The site extends over a purely gneiss and granite soil with a drifted sand layer and is known for its many hours of sunshine.