Grüner Veltliner
Loibner Klostersatz

A classic Grüner Veltliner that reflects the region where it grows: a powerful yellow-green wine with a very fruity aroma, paired with a harmonious balance of acidity that is typical of the Danube gravel of the Ried Klostersatz  vineyard.

Harvest 07. September 2018
Growth classic, stainless steel tank
Analysis 12,5 vol.% ABV, 1,0 g/l l residual sugar, 5,1 g/l acidity
Description attractive green-yellow, a hint of fine, fresh apple fruit, elegant structure, youthful aroma, full body, intensive and classic, with a wonderful aftertaste – all in all, a versatile companion for your meal!


Altitude 199-204 metres
Hours of sunshine 2488 h
Soil fine sand, gravel, pebbles

The Ried Klostersatz vineyard stretches out over Loiben and Dürnstein. One of the oldest sites in the Wachau, it was planted by monks from Salzburg and Bavarian monasteries, or “Klöster” in German, giving it its name. The subsoil reflects the primary rock of the terraces that has been washed away and is blanketed by brown earth and Danube gravel.